The premiere screening of the fantastic blockbuster “Cosmoball”, created with the support of Delo Group, was held on Tuesday in Moscow. The first Russian large-scale premiere after the coronavirus pandemic took place in the traditional place for such events - the cinema Oktyabr on Arbat.

The premiere aroused great interest among such guests as the movie and show business stars, the politicians, the entrepreneurs and the public figures.

The Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova thanked the film crew, calling this work incredible: “This is a very romantic movie, made by people who believed in what they were doing. This was the feeling that I experienced when I watched Mr. Dzhanik’s film”.

Prior to the start of the screening, the film director Dzhanik Fayziev introduced the film and production team to the audience. Mr. Fayziev thanked everyone who contributed to the creation of this good movie for their work, inspiration, dedication and professionalism.

Head of the Board of Delo Group Sergey Shishkarev, co-producer of the film, appealed to the guests to be patriotic about the Russian cinema. “I have taken care of my business all my life. With pleasure, with responsibility, with all my soul. In this manner also supported this project, because it is a good product having the important values ​​- friendship, team spirit and faith in oneself”, - said Sergey Shishkarev.

The brief film plot: In 2071, the Earth, which became the galactic confrontation arena, has changed dramatically. The moon was split into several parts. The climate changed: Moscow was covered with rainforests, and New York - with ice. The spectacular intergalactic spaceball competitions were held in Moscow with the participation of athletes of extraordinary strength and abilities. A Moscow resident Anton became a spaceball player, to his own surprise, without any idea of what challenges he would have to meet in the future.

The film will be released in cinemas on the 27th of August 2020.