President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin supported the motion of the Delo Group’s President Sergey Shishkarev to implement the state program of subsidizing the railway container transit throughout Russian territory on the East-Western route and back.
Mr. Shishkarev pointed out that the crises caused by the coronavirus led to the ocean container lines, the main competitors of the railway route) to lower the rates, which creates a risk for the Russian transit. Moreover, the construction of new super-size container vessels creates the capacities surplus. 

Mr. Shishkarev proposed to subsidize a 1/3 of the transit tariff for the Russian railway carriers (about 900 USD). 

“The revenues of transportation companies, of the Russian Railways and the stevedore complex can be estimated at 2500-3000 USD per container. These measures will allow us to increase transit by 200-250 thousand containers in the next year”, - said Sergey Shishkarev.
In conclusion of the meeting the President of the Russian Federation offered to add the measures to support the container transportation in the national support plan for the economy for the pandemic period. 

“I propose to the stimulating measures for the transit transportation in the all-national plan. The colleagues were persuasive about exploration of the new routes for our exporters and entering the new markets”, - said the President. 

Moreover, Sergey Shishkarev proposed two additional measures for the logistics complex support – the partial compensation of the loans’ interest rates for the logistic companies to insure the implementation of the investment projects and allowing the to set tariff rates in USD to protect them from the exchange rate differences. 

The meeting with the President was dedicated to discussion of the support measures for the entire transport sector with participation of the members of the Government, President’s administration, business leaders and associations authorities. 

“It is vitally important to support the people in transport sphere and to insure the sustainability of the transport sector of the Russian economy. The companies should be able to pay salaries, maintain the fleet and the infrastructure, and of course to comply with their financial obligations”, - said President while opening a meeting.

According to the Russian President, the crisis caused the drop in the transport network capacity utilization, which calls for going back to the issue of priority handling of the nationally produced cargo in the Russian seaports.

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About the Company

Delo Group is the major Russian transportation and logistics holding company that owns and operates port container terminals in the Azov and Black Sea, Baltic and Far-Eastern basins, a wide network of railway container terminals, a fleet of containers and flatcars. The headquarters of the Group is the Management Company “Delo”, 70% is owned by the Group’s founder Sergey Shishkarev and 30% owned by State Corporation Rosatom.

The Group’s stevedore business is represented by DeloPorts holding and the leading operator of port container terminals Global Ports. TransContainer and Ruscon assemble the transportation and logistics business of Delo Group.