Head of the Board of Delo Group, Russia’s largest transport and logistics holding, Sergey Shishkarev was unanimously re-elected as president of the Handball Federation of Russia (HFR, Federation) on October 16 for the next four-year term. The elections took place within the framework of the HFR Reporting and Election Conference, which took place in Moscow.

At the head of Delo Group, for over 27 years Sergey Shishkarev has been actively supporting the development of sports both for children and professionals as part of social responsibility of his business and a vector to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Since 2015 Sergey Shishkarev holds the post of the President of the Federation, the team of sports management has been renewed in 5 years the management and the system of motivation was reformed. The natural result of the this work is the victory of the Russian Women’s Handball team at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and others, significant audience growth, the return of handball to television screens, infrastructure upgrades and increased an marketing appeal of handball.

Head of the Board of Delo Group is making significant effort to promote Russian image in international sports. Thanks to the title sponsorship of the DELO EHF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, Russian club handball is developing and the Delo brand becomes more recognizable on the world stage.

During the conference Sergey Shishkarev outlined the main tasks of the Federation for the next four year period. He noted: “It is important to remember and be proud of our victories and achievements to move forward but today it is much more important in the format of the Conference to talk with representatives of key handball regions about pain points, problems and challenges that we face.”

Among the main problematic issues of Russian handball that require solution Sergey Shishkarev highlighted the following: revision and updating of the Handball Development Program for the period up to 2025; bringing handball back to schools and increasing its appeal as a social elevator, the revival of domestic coaching and refereeing schools, the development of men’s handball, the resumption of Russian representation in international handball federations, development of sports infrastructure and increasing the role of the state in the activities of the HFR.

In addition, the Federation’s immediate plans include the construction of a multifunctional handball hall in Moscow with the support of the Russian Ministry of Defense and Delo Group.

The election of Sergey Shishkarev for a new four – year term (2020 – 2024) will allow the HFR not only to achieve its goals in the field of handball development, but in general will contribute to the implementation of state policy in the state of physical culture and sports.