The International Handball Federation (the IHF) determined two participants of 2021 

World Men’s Handball Championship in Egypt. On April 24, the European Handball Federation (the EHF) canceled the regional qualification for the 2021 World Championship, announcing the top-10 teams of the EURO 2020 as the qualification’s winners. The Russian team was not included, but it applied one of the two wild cards of the IHF.

Taking into consideration several criteria and the ranking of our team at the 2019 World Championship, the IHF Executive Committee decided to award one of the two special invitations to the Handball Federation of Russia (the HFR). The second wild card went to Poland.

“I wish the Russian men’s handball team an effective training for the 2021 World Championship in Egypt and I am sure that your team’s participation in this tournament will benefit the further development of handball in Russia”, - said the IHF President Dr. Hassan Moustafa in the official letter to the HFR.

The President of the HFR Sergey Shishkarev thanked his colleague for the invitation to the 2021 World Championship and assured that the Russian team will show their best performance.

“We are happy that one of the additional “lucky tickets” to the World Championship was awarded to the Russian team. I would like to thank the IHF EC and Dr. Hassan Moustafa personally for the trust in our team. I also express my deep gratitude to the head of the Ministry of Sports Oleg Matytsin, who officially supported our application for a wild card. The approval at such a high level probably influenced the favorable decision of the IHF. I think the work of the HFR on the development of handball in Russia was also considered.

The Russian men’s handball has a victorious history. But today we need to look forward. Despite the fact that the Russian team is at the stage of generational change, our team should not be an extra at the World Championships in Egypt. We will make every possible effort for not giving any doubt to the IHF EC about their decision”, - said the HFR President.

The 2021 World Championship participants

·         Egypt (the host country, the winner of the African Championship)

·         Denmark (the reigning world champion)

·         Spain (the European champion)

·         Croatia (the silver medalist of the European Championship)

·         Norway (the bronze medalist of the European Championship)

·         Austria

·         Belarus

·         Hungary

·         Germany

·         Iceland

·         Poland

·         Portugal

·         Russia

·         Slovenia

·         France

·         Czech Republic

·         Sweden

·         Tunisia (the silver medalist of the African Championship)

·         Algeria (the bronze medalist of the African Championship)

·         Angola (took the 4th place of at African Championship)

·         Cape Verde (took the 5th place at the African Championship)

·         Morocco (took the 6th place at the African Championship)

·         DR Congo (took the 7th place at the African Championship)

·         Qatar (the winner of the Asian Championship)

·         South Korea (the silver medalist of the Asian Championship)

·         Japan (the bronze medalist of the Asian Championship)

·         Bahrain (took the 4th place at the Asian Championship)

·         Argentina (the winner of South and Central America)

·         Brazil (the silver medalist of South and Central America)

·         Uruguay (the bronze medalist of South and Central America)

The two other participants will be determined following the results of the Championship of North America and the Caribbean and the qualification tournament of South and Central America.

The XXVII World Men’s Handball Championship will be held from the 14th to the 31st of January 2021 in Egypt. 32 teams will be divided into eight groups. The three best teams of each group will enter the main round, where they will be divided into four group with six team in each. The two strongest teams from each group will get into to the quarterfinals.


Source: the HFR dated 09.07.2020